1966 Marcos GT1500

1966 Marcos GT 1500 3 studio

This vehicle was made using wood monocoque construction similar to aircraft in the 30's and 40's. Marcos are really wooden cars vs Morgan’s that have a metal chassis.

Production numbers were very low on the Marcos with a total 1500 produced, and only 250 of them with a wood chassis.

The COS in Marcos was Frank Costin a aerodynamicist at de Havilland aircraft company and prolific in his work with Lotus, Lister Etc .

The original price for Marcos GT1500 was on par with the Jaguar XKE.  Marco's were very low cars but able to accommodate a tall drivers as the seats were fixed but the pedal box is adjustable.

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1966 Marcos GT 1500 Left studio

1966 Marcos GT 1500 Rear II