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John E Adams

"I live in the rural south on the edge of the past located between the isles of Cumberland and the Okefenokee where each day I discover a new wonder. Photographic Art is truly a passion.  Nature, life and art in steel are heartfelt inspirations. The world around us an endlessly amazing subject!"

"Photography has been a passion for over 52 years, since the age of 13 when I taught myself photography, darkroom processing and built my first enlarger with a handsaw, scrap plywood and a light bulb borrowed from the living room.  I was able to continue with it as an art/hobby for about 6 years when life had a different path for me and I put down the camera for 27 years.  In 2007 the family got a cheap digital point, shoot camera and that passion came to life again, and I have not been able to put the camera down since."

From Nature, to Cars and Bikes Johns' work has been very successful, from being featured as an EasyRiders and V-Twin magazines motorcycle artist of the year to a Top Ten finalist in the Nature Conservancy’s very first digital photography contest.  

In addition to fine art prints John also produces private collection and group event books on request at very reasonable rates.  His books may be previewed in our Publications Section. John has been published and featured by EasyRiders, V-Twin and Shutterbug Magazines, Australia’s Red Bubble Book Gaia – a tribute to the art of The Living Planet, The Nature Conservancy Online and Ferrell McCollough’s top selling photography book the Complete Guide to High Dynamic Range Digital Photography (A Lark Photography Book)