The Southern Concours Inaugural Edition


Welcome to our Inaugural Edition and the launch of The Southern Concours the only online blog dedicated solely to the largest and best Concours events hosted in the South Eastern United States!

We are all about classic and custom automobiles and motorcycles. Being a regional publication located in Northeast Florida, we are blessed with being located close to some of the finest Automotive and Motorcycle Events in the world. Our approach and format is much different than the mainstream and so are our images. We focus on the machines rather than just the events themselves, in our eyes the machines "are the event" both individually and collectively.

The industry standard for years has been to just post a brief synopsis of an event, along with one gallery of images in one blog or entry each year. As independent automotive enthusiasts this is a personal ongoing life experience and we have an entirely different vision and objective, to present both beautiful images, and a brief background on our favorite vehicles on the fields, each presented separately, where the end result is an ongoing timeless sharing of some of the most amazing vehicles on the planet.

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