The 2012 Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance


This Concours is hosted annually at the Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton, off the coast of Northeast Florida and is now consider the second finest in the world just an inch behind the Pebble Beach Event.

The focus of my Automobile Work for this year’s event was again on the machine itself. Being just another face in the crowd among thousands of other admirers however this can be a challenge. Lighting is determined by the weather, location and a steady stream of onlookers passing by make it very difficult to capture images with no people in them. I always attempt to emphasize and intermingle the amazing elements of Florida however, a mantra or blending of sorts, based on my inspirations of both nature and art in steel.

In laying out this edition, when available, I display two images of the same vehicle together.

Each image is handcrafted and although I shot many more at the event they just did not meet my personal quality standard. The crowds did prohibit me from producing quality images of every car in the event, which is always my goal !

All of these images are available in print, in any format on online. Large format Canvases are our specialty. We also produce private collection and group event books on request at very reasonable rates.


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