Steel And Sky - Looking East in Daytona

Nature and steel, seemingly diametrically opposed as subjects, are two of John’s sources of inspiration that, for him, seamlessly coexist. “Nature is king and our world… the simple things that usually go unnoticed by most are now my never-ending source of inspiration,” says John. On the other hand, “Steel and art are from man’s nature…and I’ve always been inspired by the beautiful works people can create,” he says. John sees bikes as part of the art world, “steel art” he calls them. Be they of nature or steel, John has developed his own distinct techniques when making his pictures, and color and angle are key.

Joanne Morris – Easy Riders and V-Twin Magazines March 2009


This edition is a collection of John' s favorite images from the Bike Week and Biketoberfest motorcycle events held in Daytona Beach, Florida 2008-2009.

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