Colors Of A Biloxi Night

2017 07 30 Shrimp Boats D1c Night biloxi 002 copy Painted 2

So typical during the summer the South, right after the sun sets the remaining winds from any of the afternoon thunderstorms tend to subside over much of the landscape. That is not to say they have vanished, but rather just moved into another county, yet still visible on the horizon. The magic of this beautiful cycle and amazing evening displays are just so hard to describe.

I remember when I first moved here and started taking pictures I was at a loss, everything was so flat and densely overgrown, everything bit, it always felt like the gates of hell were opening in the summer, and were the views? It took a while, but only after I stopped looking and instead just experiencing life here did I start to see anything.

I spent years in my youth living and working harbors in on the Pacific North West with beautiful big headlands, beautiful fog, massive rocks, tidepools and kelp growing 12 inches a day swaying where every view was a beautiful photograph and had always dreamed of returning sometime. Yet today as I humbly continue work on this vision of a project in between the many other challenges of daily life I know that I am right where I should be!

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