The Motif Collective Art Of Steel Amelia Island 2016 - Fringes Edition


Welcome to our Amelia Island 2016 Fringes Edition! 

Every year in March there is an amazing gathering of Automobiles on Amelia Island in Florida. Auctions, Cars and Coffee and a Concours with all of the associated fanfare cover the period of a few days where our quiet little town becomes host to a large number of visitors from all over the world. 

Not being recognized as a relevant media outlet my access has been limited the last couple years, but rather than devote the entire weekend to gardening at home I still get out for a short while to get some shots on the fringes of the events. This edition represents my first printed “Fringe” coverage of any kind, and without media access is much less detailed then my normal Art Of Steel Magazines. Despite any limits we still think is it quite a nice collection of some awesome automobiles however and hope you enjoy them as well.

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