1969 Norton Ranger 750

1969 Norton 750 Ranger

The Ranger 750 was the final version of the P11 series, a hybrid built in AMC’s Plumstead factory between February 1967 and October 1968. These bikes combined the Norton 750 Atlas Motor with the Matchless G85 chassis to create a “desert sled” the rand in the open class of desert racing.

The P11 was also produced in 8 batches, comprising 3 batches of 1967 solo seat, low pipe machines, and 1 batch of 1969 Rangers. Total production was about 2,500, with approximately 700 ‘67s and 1300 ’68s and 498 Rangers. The 67 and 68 bikes were sold as Norton or Matchless and the 69 Rangers were only sold as Norton.

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1969 Norton 750 Ranger Engine Left


1969 Norton 750 Ranger Engine

1969 Norton 750 Ranger Rear