1966 Harley Davidson XLCH NFT

1966 Harley Davidson XLCH Right.0

This Harley Davidson XLCH was kept in storage since the early 1970s and like many motorcycles from the 60s it had been highly modified as a chopper. The entire 50-year-old bike was stripped and rebuilt from the ground up to bring it back to its original condition and the engine and transmission were rebuilt to exacting high performance specifications.

This bike is light and powerful, it is ridden frequently and will easily outperform a modern sportster.

Available as the first piece minted in the worlds very First Vintage Motorcycle NFT Collection. This exclusive one of a kind NFT collection is the absolute first offering of an amazing grouping of some of coolest Vintage Motorcycles in the world. A high-end showroom for collectors of Vintage Motorcycles and enthusiasts alike it is rivaled only by the recently launched world famous Blackhawk Collection NFT’s where bids are currently starting at $30,000.

These hand-crafted images are from the personal collection of photographs I have taken and been working on for 11 years.

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1966 Harley Davidson XLCH

1966 Harley Davidson XLCH Left.0