1959 175CC Ducati F3 Factory Racer

1959 175CC Ducati Factory Racer Right

The F3 was first offered as a 125 and 175, and from 1960, a 250  The frame was low and light with steel or aluminum Marzocchi fork legs, and used a short swing arm. Although the F3s were genuine factory racers they suffered through being too expensive and were held back by the 4-speed gearbox. Amadoro brakes were typically installed, usually with air scoops, both front and rear, and laced onto 18in rims. The motor was a twin-cam bialbero bevel drive, 4-stroke single using sand cast crankcases and a 4-speed gearbox with straight cut gears and producing 16 horsepower at 9000 rpm. In the USA early 1959 a factory 175 won the 250cc class at Daytona.

Production of F3s was very small, perhaps less than 100, with only as few as a dozen 175s and  genuine F3 175 is extremely rare today.

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1959 175CC Ducati Factory Racer