1936 Vincent Meteor Series A

1936 Vincent Meteor Series A A

This beautiful bike has all original parts and a complete original log book.

This was the very first year for the Vincent designed motor, a single-cylinder, 499cc engine and was designed to be a more affordable alternative to the Vincent Rapide. It was available in both standard and sports models.

The Meteor was a popular motorcycle, and it was praised for its performance, handling, and reliability. It was also one of the first motorcycles to feature a number of innovative features, such as a Girdraulic front fork and a cantilever rear suspension.

Here are some additional details about the 1936 Vincent Meteor Series A:

Engine: 499cc V-twin
Horsepower: 35 horsepower
Top speed: 90 mph
0-60 mph: 7 seconds
Fuel capacity: 4.5 gallons
Weight: 450 pounds
Price: $1,000 (in 1936)

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