1935 Duesenberg SJN 564 Rollston Cabriolet NFT


Automotive author Ken Purdy once wrote that Duesenberg’s were “a legend that will live as long men worship beauty and power on wheels.” While that is true, the stock market crash of 1929 and the depression that followed nearly dried up the market for luxury autos of Duesenberg’s quality and price.

Unemployment had skyrocketed to 24% in 1933 and even those few people who could still afford such a car were reluctant to flaunt their prosperity in the face of widespread poverty. Still Duesenberg had a small, but very loyal clientele among the Hollywood elite.

Only four Duesenberg SJ Cabriolet Convertibles were built, with the first going to movie legend Clark Gable. This automobile is the third produced and the only factory-equipped supercharged JN model assembled. This car has been driven only 16,500 miles and is considered the lowest mileage original Duesenberg in existence.idered the most desirable of all the 400 SAs.

Available as the "first piece" minted in the worlds very First Duesenberg Motors Company NFT Collection.  This exclusive one of a kind NFT collection is the absolute first offering of an amazing grouping of some of the Duesenberg Motors Company finest Automobiles in the world. A high end showroom for collectors of Classic Automobiles and Enthusiasts alike it is rivaled only by the recently launched world famous Blackhawk Collection NFT’s where bids are currently starting at $30,000.

These hand-crafted images are from the personal collection of photographs I have taken and been working on for 11 years. Each purchase (video or image NFT’s) also include a full sized copy of the Original image file.

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