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Great ingredients guarantee spectacular results. In the case of a Duesenberg, it was the magical combination of Fred Duesenberg’s brain, E.L. Cord’s money, with a 420 cubic inch Lycoming straight eight-cylinder mixed in that resulted in a vehicle today that is might be a Holy Grail in the automotive world.

This car, #2440 J423, was delivered in January of 1931 to Bob Hallahan. It was purchased in Milano, Italy, by the current owning family in the spring of 1968, from Count Carlo Leto di Priolo. The restoration work was completed in 1975, but the body and chassis have never been separated.

This car is an original Derhan Tourster. The aluminum body and steel fenders are all original to the car and the engine has resided in the chassis for nearly 84 years. Occasionally, Duesenbergs are rebodied, some as dual cowl phaetons, to increase their value. But this is one of eight original vehicles manufactured, it is simply as good as it gets.

It has all the design features typical of and English sports car of the 1930s, sweeping curved fenders, long hood, large headlights and grille and huge wheel radius. No wonder a magazine called the SS100 “the cad’s car”. The car is powered by and overhead-valve, in-line, 2,664 cubic centimeters, six cylinder engine producing 102 horsepower. Coupled to the four-speed transmission the car has a top speed of 90 mph and sold for about $2,000 in 1936.

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