1930 Duesenberg J 277 Convertible Victoria NFT


This car was one of several Duesenbergs sold in France. The original owner was the wealthy American, Mrs. Honore Palmer who had residences in both Paris and Chicago. She kept the car in Paris until 1934 when she had it shipped to the United States.

Mrs. Palmer selected Hibbard and Darrin to create this special car for her. The closed coupe Victoria design on the long wheelbase chassis created a dramatic appearance. The body was built using Hibbard and Darrin's patented Silentlyte construction. This technique produced a stronger and lighter body and reduced the tendency for one-off bodies to develop squeaks as they aged.

Original features include the leather convertible top, chrome plated metal tire covers, additional tool boxes next to the running boards, cast aluminum molding attached to the hood tops, unique short steel gas tank cover and the unique 'Hibbard and Darrin' movable panel that allowed the rear seat passenger to convert the top from a blind quarter to an open quarter.

This car is a unique example of just 12 bodies produced by Hibbard and Darrin for Duesenberg.

The car finished a complete restoration in 2009.

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