1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16

 1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16 rear

The 1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16 is a classic car produced by the American manufacturer Cadillac. The V16 was designed and built as a luxury car, and it was one of the most advanced and expensive cars of its time.

It was powered by a 7.4-liter V16 engine that produced 185 horsepower, which was quite powerful for a car of its time. The engine was mated to a three-speed gearbox and could achieve speeds of up to 90 mph.

The V16 was notable for its innovative design, which included a longer and wider body than previous Cadillac models, as well as a powerful engine and a luxurious interior. It was produced between 1930 and 1940, and it was marketed as the ultimate luxury car for the discerning buyer who valued quality and style. The car's success helped to establish Cadillac as a manufacturer of high-quality luxury cars, and it paved the way for future Cadillac models, such as the Series 62 and the Eldorado.

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1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16 DeNoiseAI clear

1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16 Rear DeNoiseAI standard

1930 Cadillac Series 452A V16 Fender