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BSA 1927

My favorite brand of bike being a former owner of a 1969 250 Victor Special. This beauty is off the scale compared to any bike out there however! 

Taken 5 years ago at the Riding Into History Concours in St Augustine. This is one of the premier bike events on the planet and definitely the best on the East Coast, oh yeah it is running again this weekend with all proceeds going to the K9s for Warriors! Can't wait!!

What better cause than supporting our bravest patriots, both human and canine!

This week is also another somewhat sadder milestone in many lives including mine - a big hole of sadness, the amazing Cyril Huze posted his last custom bike blog post after so many years. Cyril was the only inside source when it came to the real bike industry and he did it right, no ferakin words can express how much we will all miss is creative insightful efforts- damn!!!  Cyril, a heartfelt two wheeled toast to you my friend and a blessed journey in your days ahead!

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