1925 Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car

1925 Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car

This 1925 Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car was built by the Duesenberg brothers for the 1925 Indy 500 race and it became a two time winner in 1925 and 1927.  The car features an aluminum straight 8, 225 horsepower, 122 cu. in. DOHC and was supercharged.  This was the very first car to run a supercharger successfully.  Through the years it also ran many of the dirt and board tracks across the country.

  • Manufacturer: Duesenberg, a company renowned for its luxury cars and racing prowess, founded by brothers Fred and August Duesenberg.
  • Year: 1925
  • Model: Eight Speedway Car
  • Engine: The car was powered by a straight-eight engine, which was a hallmark of Duesenberg's engineering. This engine featured dual overhead camshafts and four valves per cylinder, which was highly advanced for its time.
  • Power Output: The engine produced around 200 horsepower, a considerable amount for the mid-1920s, enabling the car to achieve impressive speeds.
  • Chassis: The chassis was designed for racing, with a focus on lightweight construction and durability. It was built to withstand the rigors of high-speed competition on dirt and board tracks.
Design and Features
  • Body Style: The Speedway Car featured a streamlined, open-wheel design typical of race cars from the era. It had a low, aerodynamic profile to reduce drag and enhance speed.
  • Aerodynamics: The design incorporated elements to improve aerodynamics, such as a narrow body and a pointed tail, which helped in reducing wind resistance.
  • Braking and Suspension: The car was equipped with advanced braking and suspension systems for improved handling and safety at high speeds.
Performance and Racing History
  • Racing Success: The 1925 Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car achieved significant success in various racing events, including dirt track races and board track racing, which were popular forms of motorsport at the time.
  • Indianapolis 500: Duesenberg cars, including the Eight Speedway Car, were known for their strong performances in the Indianapolis 500. Duesenberg vehicles were prominent in the 1920s, securing wins and high placements in the prestigious race.
  • Innovative Engineering: The Eight Speedway Car is remembered for its advanced engineering, particularly its powerful straight-eight engine and sophisticated valve and camshaft configuration. These innovations influenced future racing and production cars.
  • Racing Heritage: The success of the 1925 Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car cemented Duesenberg's reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-performance racing cars. This legacy continued to influence the design and engineering of Duesenberg's later luxury automobiles.
  • Collectibility: Today, the Duesenberg Eight Speedway Car is a highly prized collector's item. Its historical significance and rarity make it a sought-after piece for automotive enthusiasts and collectors of vintage race cars.

Taken at the Amelia Concours.

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